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Auktion hall in Goteberg has been redeveloped so it‘s now a place where people can meet socially. Here they are now creating kitchens from all over the world in the old house. It is food from China, france, italy mexico. and this shall be lokated in a plese were Gothebourg whold like to creat swedens steet whith most restaurants.

This is of course perfect for ACO when we have facility all over the world and now what is importat food restaurant kitchens in the different contries. But one of the main taskes is that and is the same problem all over the world is the cleaning of the kitchens and of course the gullies. For the buildingqwner the task was to have kitchens that can make fatastic food and also be helthy economic. .

Cleaning cost a lot of time and money, and this is good news for ACO. Now ACO have delivered to the hole building and the 5 restaurants High pure gullies and result has been more than satisfiction. Every day the place fully booked and that can enjoy great food and know that the kitchen have a been ecuipted with gullies and channels that is easy to clean and that result to low risk of food contamination.


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Auktionsverket Göteborg



June - August 2014

ACO Sweden

Commercial Kitchen

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