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The ACO Access Covers Fire Resistance (FR) have been developed to provide a practical and safe access solution to underneath areas. In the event of fire, closing the ACO Access Covers resists fire to protect the area above the cover, thus significantly contributing to the protection of local areas and floors.

Product information

  • Fire resistance of ACO Access Covers (FR) is E120, EI145, EI₂45, up to EI1120, EI2120 depending on the ACO Access Cover (FR) product range.
  • The integrity of fire resistance has been performed and assessed by the authorised laboratory PAVUS a.s. (authorised body AO 216) according to EN 1634-1 + A1, EN 1363-1, ČSN 73 0810.
  • The fire resistance classification of ACO Access Cover UNIFACE FR is declared by „Fire classification approval of fire resistance“.

Uniface FR

  • ACO Access Cover UNIFACE GS,SS/FR
  • ACO Access Cover UNIFACE AL/FR

Paving FR

  • ACO Access Cover PAVING FR

Solid FR

  • ACO Access Cover SOLID FR

Servokat GD FR

  • ACO Access Cover SERVOKAT GD FR

Fire classification approval of fire resistance