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Industrial & Infrastructure

Covers are suitable for light industrial applications, where simple and lightweight covers are required. Surface of the cover is formed by anti-slip tread “checker” plate.

Optimized supports, welded underneath the cover, guarantee declared load bearing capacity.

Covers are water and odour tight.

Types of Access Covers

  • PAVING Single
  • PAVING Multi
  • PAVING Assist
  • PAVING Fire Resistance
Product benefits
  • Typically specified for use outside buildings, for pedestrian areas, driveways and car parks. Recessed access covers for a pavement, natural stone or bitumen infill in height up to 120 mm
  • Strong supports are welded underneath of the cover
  • Load capacity up to load class C250 for all clear openings up to 1 m
  • No concrete or any other additional structural infill necessary
  • Equipped with a seal
  • Water-tight and odour-tight tested according to EN 1253-4
  • No concrete or any other additional structural infill necessary
  • Optionable with opening assistance
  • Multi cover available as custom made

PAVING Fire Resistance:

  • In the event of fire, closing the ACO Access Covers resists fire to protect the area above the cover, this significantly contributing to the protection of local areas and floors
  • Fire resistance E120, EI145, EI₂45 (tested according to EN 1634-1 + A1, EN 1363-1, ČSN 73 0810) assured by fire resistance equipment

  • Servokat GD
  • Servokat GD FR
Product benefits
  • The right solution when covers have to be frequently used for maintenance or inspection purposes
  • Shaft cover according to DIN EN 124
  • Optionally with quick release for emergency exits for opening and closing from above and for quick opening without tools from below
  • Including operating key
  • With gas spring as opening aid
  • No risk – load capacity always guaranteed
  • Durable

Servokat GD Fire Resistant

  • The Fire resistance classification has been performed and assessed by the authorised laboratory PAVUS a.s. (authorised body AO 216) according to EN 1634-1 + A1, EN 363-1, ČSN 73 0810.
  • The fire resistance classification of ACO Servokat FR is declared by „Fire classification approval of fire resistance“


Product benefits
  • Type tested and certified according to EN124:2015
  • Meets declared load class up to D400
  • Opening assistance contributed by mechanical torsion springs
  • Easy lock and simple hinges not interfering the clear opening
  • Cushioning inserts reducing noise from traffic
  • Equipped with a seal designed to avoid water collection between the cover‘s frame and lid
  • Corrosion resistant – hot dip galvanized mild steel / pickled passivated stainless steel
  • Secure and time saving installation – no frame work application for installation
  • Very shallow installation height – ONLY 80 mm
ACO Access Covers Servokat SMART Installation