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ACO Access Covers UNIFACE FR


  • Fire resistance E120, EI1120, EI2120 (tested according to EN 1634-1 + A1, EN 1363-1, ČSN 73 0810) assured with a fire resistance equipment
  • Covers are equipped by single seal, water and odour-tightness is not rated
  • Meets declared load class up to N250
  • Hot dip galvanized mild steel (≥ 60 μm of zinc) or pickle passivated stainless steel
  • Preciseness, design
  • Thanks to unique bending on the top no additional stripes for installation necessary
  • Easy opening after installation
  • Less friction between frame and cover
  • No sharp edges – improved safety
  • Application of concrete C35/45 in cover lid

ACO Access Covers Catalogue